Very Important Phone

A high-performance hardware device with military-grade end-to-end encryption ensuring your privacy.


Each Very Important Phone comes equipped with powerful end-to-end encrypted mobile applications. We at ViP Club believe that everyone has the right to privacy and this is why we give people the opportunity to communicate safely through our devices.

The PGP encrypted email solution guarantees a high level of security and offers all the functionalities you would expect from an email application – forwarding, compatibility with other ViP apps, message filtering, drafts, and support of multiple accounts.

Our secure ViP Chat offers you the ability to chat and make VoIP calls while guaranteeing your absolute privacy through end-to-end OTR, OMEMO and ZRTP encryption – ensuring no data is kept on the server, and no man-in-the-middle attacks are possible.

The privacy-centered file container lets you store selected messages, files (audio, video, pictures), and notes while protecting them through an AES XTS encryption with SHA-512 hashing. The app is fully compatible with other ViP applications and also offers backup and note editing functionalities.


Powered by Secure OS

Each Very Important Phone comes with an integrated Secure Operating System, specially designed to protect the privacy of its users. The Secure OS is vulnerability-free, working with custom libraries, scanning the phone for malware at every reboot, and ensuring no third-party app can collect information from your Very Important Phone.

Vetted Hardware

These highly secure solutions are available for Nexus 5X and HTC One M9, offering a familiar user experience and keeping your data out of the reach of hackers and centralised organisations. To Support the needs of the demanding digital world, we offer you high-performance hardware you can rely on at any time.

Advanced Security Features

We guarantee your privacy and offer 360-degree multi-layered protection against all possible security threats and information breaches. In addition to an IMSI-catcher that alerts you in the case of a wiretapping event, all Very Important Phones have a locked bootloader, and any attempt to manually extract data from the device causes it to automatically wipe.



  • Nexus 5
  • HTC One M9
  • Secure OS 2.0


  • Full-disc encryption
  • Encrypted app databases
  • Encrypted shared media container
  • Disabled Internet browsing
  • Disabled app store
  • Disabled regular phone calls
  • Locked bootloader


  • PGP with 4096-bit RSA keys and AES 256 cipher
  • OMEMO with AES 256, SHA-256 and 4096-bit DH
  • OTR with AES 256, SHA-256 and 4096-bit DH
  • ZRTP for voice calls AES XTS encryption with SHA-512


  • Built-in IMSI-Catcher Detector
  • Incognito mode
  • One-tap wipe of all data
  • Wipe from lock screen
  • Remote wipe
  • P2P messaging
  • PGP keys created and stored on device


  • Multi-IMSI SIM
  • Global data coverage
  • No extra fees


All our encrypted mobile solutions come with a multi-IMSI Secure SIM card to ensure the best possible connectivity for ViP users across the globe with unlimited data and no roaming fees. This essentially gives our customers full freedom from mobile operators and adds an additional layer of security.

Unlimited Data

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