Your Questions, Answered

Is PGP secure enough?

Because PGP encryption generates keys that are used to identify both the sender and the integrity of the content, the level of security of the PGP encryption depends on the length of the cryptographic keys and the location they’re stored at. ViP Club uses 4096-bit keys that are practically unhackable. Furthermore, each key is generated on your phone and none of them are stored on our servers or kept as a copy anywhere. ViP Club’s approach to PGP encryption guarantees your privacy!

What is the encryption of your apps?

Our applications are encrypted by various protocols as follows:

  • ViP Email – PGP encryption, 4096-bit RSA keys, and digital signatures.
  • ViP Chat
  • -
    • P2P Chat - OTR encryption, 4096-bit Diffie-Hellman, AES-256, and SHA-2 hashing.
    • Group Chat - OMEMO encryption, Double Ratchet protocol, AES-256, and SHA-2 hashing.
    • VoIP Calls - ZRTP protocol
  • ViP Vault - AES XTS encryption, SHA-512 hashing, PIN-protected

Is my data protected if my phone is stolen?

With ViP Club your information is always protected. All ViP mobile solutions can be wiped remotely by a specific command or through a self-wipe which you can set up in advance. Furthermore, each Very Important Phone comes with a locked bootloader, and any attempt to manually extract data from the device causes it to automatically wipe.

Does ViP Club have access to my communications?

No, not even ViP Club can see your messages or listen to your calls. Each communication that goes through the server is encrypted and then erased the moment it leaves the server. We don’t store any copies of it! Furthermore, even the keys used to decrypt the data are only generated and stored on the end-user’s level.

How does ViP Club respond to government information requests?

We are obliged to and always cooperate within the confines of the law. However, ViP Club deletes all your communications after they leave the server and we don’t store any copies – meaning even we could never access your communications.

Can I use my phone while traveling?

Luckily, all ViP solutions come with a multi-IMSI Secure SIM card, providing the best possible connection with unlimited data roaming worldwide!